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How To earn money on youtube in simple steps

make money on youtube
  If you want to make money online,youtube is one of the superior choice for them.So,in this tutorial I will show you how to make money on youtube  by Google AdSense.  If you want to make money on internet for part time or to become a sustainable business, YouTube’s platform lets you make money with successful videos.

So Lets start it


1.Have a G-mail account,
2.Valid Phone Number,
3.Bank account,
4.Your videos.

Step 01

 Click on sign in on YouTube

Step 02

Sign in through your G-mail account       

Step 03

Click on creator studio

Step 04

Click on channel

Step 05

Click on verify

Step 06

Select your country and Put your  valid mobile number 

Step 07

Put your code

And continue 

Now your account is verified

Step 08

Click on enable monetization

Step 09

Click  on get  Start 

and accept all term and privacy condition

Step 10

Upload a sample video

Here you can see to earn money from your videos you need an AdSense account.

Click on set up AdSense.

Step 11

Put your correct information click on submit application

and accept the agreement 


Your adsense application is being will receive an email about the status
of your application  soon

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Mudassir Iftikhar

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