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How To improve English Language

Hello Everyone  If you want to improve your English but how do you do that well that’s what I’m gonna help you with some tips today that would improve your English language so some changes in daily bases is definitely help you to improve your English,

So Let’s have a look   

1.Read and Watch the News in English

Staying informed about what’s happening in the world is a great habit but then you do that in English rather then you picking up your news paper in your native language start picking up English news papers and watching English News channel like BBC and CNN that will definitely build your listening skill as well as increase your vocabulary, So the next time you are buying news paper in English or you are Watching news make sure you that in English.

2.Listening to Music in English and Learn Lyrics

We always like English music and dance in English numbers but at times we struggles in the lyrics umm my favorite song is “My Heart Will Go On”  but then at times even I used to struggle you know what I did well I just googled the lyrics if you want to enjoy English music just google and go any of the website and you will find the lyrics so once you have the lyrics in front of you listen the music and sing along, In fact this would also help you to get those word out if your mouth because if you enjoy singing automatically English words will pour out of your mouth so start listening English music.

3.Read Children’s Books and Children’s Cartoons

The forth tip that I have for you is to watching children cartoon and reading children’s books because these are for children’s because the English is used is very instant simple language and don’t be embarrassed to about doing that don’t think that oh god I am not so small to do this, just go ahead and do that, which is also good for improve your English language.

4.Find a Partner to Speak English With

The Last tip that I have for you is to speak in English with someone so what you can do you? Find a partner to practice the language so be it a friend be the family member or even your office colleague don’t be embarrassed about it just go ahead and start practicing and you can see the result himself that your English is improve day by day.


Before to read this article you are struggling about English language but Now you have 4 tips to improve your English If you implement this tips to your life you see the result in several days.

Thanks to read,😃

 If those Tips are helpful for you then must leave your feedback, If there any query regarding above Tips then ask in your feedback, I must try to respond earlier.

Mudassir Iftikhar

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