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How To Increase traffic on your website 4 Tips

How To Increase website traffic

Are you a blogger who is struggling to increase Traffic on website?
So, you are reading right article
Hello Guys today I’m going to show how to increase website page views. Everyday a lot of developer comes on internet and create website for earning and for promote his content but after one or half week a number of developer quite just for low Traffic. Many bloggers fails because don’t have any plan and strategy.
 So, basically today I give you plan, strategy and some useful tips which are definitely helpful for increasing your website traffic.
If you want to increase traffic on your website without hard working and focusing on your website which is not possible means first of all plan and strategy you have to hard work and focus on your website. If you are serious with your website, increasing traffic is quite easy.
So, let’s have a look

1. Social sharing

Social sharing

Almost every people of this century using social media mean social media is one of the biggest traffic consumers. Social media is allowed you to share your images, videos, and links.
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the most famous platforms to share you content and links. You have to create profile on popular social media sites and there you share your Articles which are increasing your website traffic.

2. Start Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is most effective thing to increase your website traffic. By guest posting you creates a number of backlinks which is good for your website. Make great content for guest post, don’t write post only for getting backlinks if your post is really helpful for readers then they will definitely comes to your website.
So start guest posting.

3. Loading speed up of your website

Loading Faster

Loading speed is an important factor in google’s search algorithm. If your website speed is slow, you have to do improvement on your website for fast loading speed. When people open your website slow loading of your website leave bad impression on him. Make sure your website for readers and search engine friendly and fast loading. This is the easiest way to increase your website traffic.
Using long tail keywords
By using short tail keywords are not easy to rank high in google search engine. I suggest you use long tail keywords because it has low completion and easy to rank high in google then short tail keywords.
Make sure use long tail keywords.

4. SEO


SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part any website. Good work on SEO which really is helpful for optimization of your post in google search engine.
There Two types SEO
On Page SEO
            Off Page SEO


I hope these tips are helpful for increasing traffic on your website.If you like these article share on social media and must comment your feedback.

 Thanks To Read😊


Mudassir Iftikhar

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