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How to remove background noise from audio

Today we will have to talk about background noise removing which is very worst in audio.
Sometime we shot a perfect audio but when we edit audio we listening annoying background noise which is maybe in minor part of your audio or maybe in your entire audio.
In this case what you can do to remove background noise?
When this problem with me, I have to use many free tools but it can effect on my audio but after all I have found a best noise removing software which is Audacity
You can easily download this software Click Here

How to use audacity

You can easily use audacity even you have no kind of experience to remove background noise.

So,how can you do this

1.First you download this software by this link  Click Here,
2.Install on your pc,
3.Open audacity,
4.Import your Audio by click on file and then click on import and then on audio, you can also import your audio by pressing  Ctrl+Shift+I,

5.Select the noise area by right click,

6.Click on effect and then click on noise reduction,

7.Click on get noise profile                    

8.Select the whole audio by double clicking,

9.Click on effect again and then click on repeat noise reduction you can also done this by pressing  Ctrl+R,

Now, how to export your audio

10. Click on file and then click on export audio you can also done this by pressing
Ctrl  + Shift +E.

😊Enjoy Your Audio without background noise.

Conclusion :

Before read this article you upset about background noise but now you have an idea to remove background noise.

Thanks to read,😃

 If this tutorial is helpful for you then must leave your feedback, If there any query regarding above tutorial then ask in your feedback, I must try to respond earlier.


Mudassir Iftikhar

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