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Mother's Day Special Article

mother's day

Mother’s day is for celebrating & honoring the motherhood and it is time to appreciate mothers, or mother of the family. As we know mothers love and emotional availability are vital to their children’s well-being, A mother is the most beautiful and caring personality in our lives. She calls us very softly and tells us lovely stories to shaping our consciences. Mother is the greatest blessing of Allah.

Hadith for mothers

It was narrated from Mu'awiyah bin Jahimah As-Sulami, that Jahimah came to the Prophet () and said:
"O Messenger of Allah! I want to go out and fight (in Jihad) and I have come to ask your advice." He said: "Do you have a mother?" He said: "Yes." He said: "Then stay with her, for Paradise is beneath her feet."
Reference                       :               Sunan an Nasa’I 3104
In book reference           :               Book 25, Hadith 20

Abu Huraira reported that a person said:
Allah's Messenger, who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment? He said: Your mother, again your mother, again your mother, then your father, then your nearest relatives according to the order (of nearness).
Reference                       :               Sahih Muslim 2548 b
In book reference           :               Book 45, Hadith 2

Islam gave greatest respect to Mother’s.

On mother’s day Present gift to your mother to show your love and respect for her,  you may present Picture frame for mother, Mother’s Day Cards, Mother’s Day Collage, Diary for Mother, Jewelry, Dress, Flowers, Plan for outing, treat etc..
Mother’s Day celebrated every year, and it held in different dates in different countries & in Pakistan it celebrate in second Sunday in May.
Let’s reach out to all the moms in our lives to remind them how loved and appreciated they are, and let’s honor and celebrate them with this blessing.


Let’s make every day as Mother’s Day to realize the specialty of the relation with mother. 

Mudassir Iftikhar

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