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What are CC And BCC in Email?How To we use them?

What are BCC and CC in Email
BCC and CC

Hello Friends My name is Mudassir Iftikhar and Today we talk about what is CC and BCC and how
to we use them.
So Let's have a look,
What is BCC And CC?
We send email to several recipients in single click through three ways by using To, Cc & Bcc fields. You can see only “To” field by default but you can see rest two fields by clicking on their links.
We can put many recipients in each field. Put email address in “To” field to whom you want to send.
So what do Cc & Bcc do???
Cc stands for carbon copy which means that whose address appears in the Cc field would receive a copy of the message. Also the Cc field would also appear inside the field of the received message.
Bcc stands for blind carbon copy which is similar to that of Cc except that the Email address of the recipients specified in this field do not appears in the received message field and the recipient in the To or Cc fields will not know that a copy sent to these address.
Carbon copying also makes the recipient aware of who else is looking at the email. This is often used in business settings to get the primary recipient (the “To” field) of the mail to take the message more seriously or to let them know that it is important.
Use Bcc when emailing a long list of people who do not know each other like in a mailing list. Another reason to blind carbon copy someone is to keep them in the loop of a conversation without letting the other recipients (the “To” and “Cc” fields) know. You may say Bcc reserved for “special and secretive” email messages.
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