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Youtube as a career Good or Not ?

youtube as a career

Hello guys today I am going to discuss Youtube as a career good or not. There are a number Youtubers making money from Youtube and they adopt this as a full time line of business because working on Youtube we can earn a lot of money. No doubt Youtube is one of the best platforms to make money online. Youtube gets over 30 million visitors per day that’s mean a lot of chance to gain people attention and make money but it is not so easy If you want to make money on Youtube you have do to work hard and create more and more  attractive videos but it is not enough,..

There are some strict polices    

Create your own videos
Use own Music or Free Copyrighted Music.

But how do you do this?

Google AdSense is best for making money on Youtube if you don’t know how to connect your Youtube channel with Google AdSense check this Post Click Here

Google AdSense is placed ads on your videos and they pay you for this.
How much Google AdSense Pay you for 1000 views on your video?
Google AdSense pays you 1 Dollar approximately on 1000 views.
This answer is only assumption because AdSense pays you according to the quality of ads and number of ads run on your videos.
Anyway If you are interested to earn money from Youtube
Must read this Article
Once you read this post you can easily create your youtube channel and connect with Google AdSense.
At the end I Hope most of the questions in your mind are clear and you can easily earn from Youtube.
Otherwise any question still in your mind feels friendly and ask your questions in bellow comment section.

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