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iPhone 8 Rumors, Leaked Features and My Wishlist

Apple’s tenth Anniversary Release
iPhone 8

Hi guys in this article I will discuss about iPhone 8 which is release in coming soon, release date of iPhone 8 are not sure while rumors  is  17 September but  in my point of view iPhone’s release date are not predictable because the history about iPhone’s release date are not good.
Hottest Rumorsabout iPhone 8

iPhone 5 

September 12 (rumor) _ September 21 (release)

iPhone 6 

September 9 (rumor) _ September 19 (release)

iPhone 7

 September 7 (rumor) _ September 16 (release)
That’s why we cannot believe in rumors. We will have to wait for the company say.

iPhone 8-New Feature, Display, Price.

We know that the iPhone 8 is going to be the biggest design change ever since the original iPhone back in 2007 so when it comes to the iPhone 8 design we already know quite a lot of detail so we know there’s going to come with an almost bazel of designs or really clean futuristic and modern looking design then you also know that a home button is going away entirely so on the iPhone 7 was the first iPhone to remove basically the clickable home button completely so we’ve had a clickable home button on every single iPhone since the original iPhone up until the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7remove that and basically added a fourth touch home button so the home button on the iPhone 7 doesn’t click you only press it vibrates and gives you the impression.
We are also going to get glass on both sides and the back with the metal rim surrounded it so similar to what we had on the iPhone 4s or similar to what we have on the Samsung galaxy s7 edge.


Apple will launch 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhones with the aluminum body.


iPhone 8 expected price is $1199 to $1599. The price is pretty higher and hard to afford. So we can’t say something about price officially now. We will have to wait for the company say.

 iPhone 8 feature My Wishlist

my wishlist about iPhone 8
New Colors, I know apple tends to stick to the natural whites and blacks and grays even they did something new like gold or rose gold it’s still pretty subtle and natural looking but that red iPhone came out that was so awesome to see now I would like to see that in blue and blue is still a color that could look really elegant.
iPhone red

We all want better cameras plus having a good camera is half the reason you pick up the phone that you have. But how would they go about doing this? I think is having a better HDR mode. Something a little more aggressive, maybe what we have now and the crazy HDR modes of the pixel and the S8 but not too much because I like the natural colors and the natural look of iPhone right now.

It’s just in this camera comparison

camera comperission iPhone 7 and galaxy

While we are talking about camera another thing that can improve is the selfie lens making that into a wide angle lens kind of like every other phone that’s out right now, are very close up and problem in getting group photos. Better speakers would be nice and better battery life wireless charging as well.

iPhone 8 New Trailer

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