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What is Fiverr? How to withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

What is Fiverr

Hello Guys today I am going to discuss about Fiverr. Basically Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace where creators publish their gigs (Services). For any service beginning price is $5 and so on.
So let’s have a look
Many people search in Google or any search engine for how to make money online and they go on wrong website or something like spammers. They promise with them for earning but they want registration fees which is $50 or $60 when they pay them first one or half month they see their virtual earning but when they want to withdraw this money their account is banned. They are cheaters and after cheat with them they run and create new website and they target other people Anyway,
We thought to write articles about right ways for online earning and Fiverr platform is one of them.
This website pays you for any service for example you create banner, logo, song and other skills you have. They pay you $5 per service when you complete your service $1 is cut by the Fiverr and $4 is credit to your account.

Required skills for to earn money

Many people have different kind of skills but if you don’t have any skill you have to go on YouTube and search what you wants there many courses in free of cost like cooking, video editing, Photoshop etc but first sure about your interest and then join.

How to get quick orders on Fiverr

1. Create description in which you write what is your offer, your experience, service etc. Thumbnail and title are not enough customers attract with your description so don’t forget to create an attractive description.
2. Buyer request

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How to withdraw money from Fiverr?

You can easily withdraw money by PayPal account. But if you are live in Pakistan Payoneer Master Card is best.
How to get Payoneer Master Card?
You can easily get Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan

It’s Free
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Earn Extra Money on Fiverr

Create unique things for example if you get an order to create logo and you done this by downloading internet logo that’s not good create by own. Now how you can earn extra money on Fiverr if you get order to create a visiting card on $5 that’s not enough prices for this, create extra services which is I will create visiting card in psd file or I will design both sides of visiting card etc and you can charge extra money for this.

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