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5 Home Business Ideas for Woman in Pakistan and India

Home Business for Woman in India and Pakistan

Hello Guys Today I am going to show you Top 5 Business Ideas for Woman in Pakistan and India which are becoming more and more popular in South Asia.

If you want to start your own small business, first you have to match your current interests, passions or hobbies with it. Here we have selected five businesses that we found to be ideal, suitable and practical for home-based women. Check what is perfect to you!

Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing Business

If you want to become a fashion designer like Hassan Sheheryar Yasin and Nomi Ansari. You have to create client base where you stitch dresses then start making your own design and also create a Facebook page where you can engage people and grow your followers and then you need to do upload your five six designs and invite people to suggest which the best design is and then create your own designed dress which is suggested it doesn’t have to be full size it is for kids to keep cost down and then say I can create 10 dresses like this for any sizes for sale but you can charge more price then market price because this kind of dresses are only 10 in the whole world but you have to do slowly grow your fan because it is not grow in the twinkling of an eye well I am trying to say make them some modernize do not be the tailor you have to be the designer. I hope you understand what I am saying. After all these it will happen that people says (your name is Shazia) this dress is designed by Shazia.        

Online tutoring

Online Tutoring Business

If you are a professional teacher you can start online tutoring business. It is basically online teaching and you can also maintain your privacy because for this you have to need only your voice. There are too many website for Online tutoring such as Tutor.com, skooli.com etc you can get clients from those websites and you can start your online business.
If you are interested in online tutoring don’t waste your time and start teaching online.  


Ghost writing Business

If you are good in writing you can start writing for making money. There are too many ways to make money for writing such as you can publish your own e-book on Amazon Kindle it is very easy if you have skills to write a book, you can make money by writing articles for bloggers and you can also create gigs on Fiverr for writing.
Click Here For understand what is Fiverr and much more.  


Blogging Business

If you are interested in blogging you can also make a lot of money from it. Create your blog on blogger and write articles about your interest and there you can earn by affiliate marketing and you can connect your blog with Google AdSense it can place ads on your blog and you can earn from it.
If you are interested in blogging start researches about blogging on YouTube and there you can get free course of blogging.  


YouTube Business

So making money with YouTube is also a successful here you can earn 5 to 10 thousand in beginning 3 to 5 month after you getting too much subscriber or your videos are viral than you can earn easily 40 to 50 thousand in one month. I am also working on YouTube but I am new that’s why my earning is slow but when I have too much subscriber I can earn too much. There are lots of people in Pakistan working on YouTube and earn too much 60 to 70 thousand in one month easily.
If you have little bit knowledge about video editing you can start a YouTube channel. You can upload about beauty Tips, cooking Tips, etc
Click Here for YouTube as a Career Good or Not?

Tips for Start any Business

Marketing tips for successful Business

So guys select your interested business and start marketing because if you have no knowledge about marketing you can fail in every business for example you are creating your product and no one knows about your product you can definitely fail. Start Social sharing create your Facebook page and engage people there that is marketing you can also create ads on facebook and Google Adwords and it is obviously work.

So Friends I Hope today you learn about many businesses. Comment your interested business
Thanks to read my articles
Note: These ideas also for man but especially for woman in all over the world.  

Mudassir Iftikhar

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