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5 Home Business Ideas for Woman in Pakistan and India

Home Business for Woman in India and Pakistan

Hello Guys Today I am going to show you Top 5 Business Ideas for Woman in Pakistan and India which are becoming more and more popular in South Asia.

If you want to start your own small business, first you have to match your current interests, passions or hobbies with it. Here we have selected five businesses that we found to be ideal, suitable and practical for home-based women. Check what is perfect to you!

Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing Business

If you want to become a fashion designer like Hassan Sheheryar Yasin and Nomi Ansari. You have to create client base where you stitch dresses then start making your own design and also create a Facebook page where you can engage people and grow your followers and then you need to do upload your five six designs and invite people to suggest which the best design is and then create your own designed dress which is suggested it doesn’t have to be full size it is for kids to keep cost down and then say I can create 10 dresses like this for any sizes for sale but you can charge more price then market price because this kind of dresses are only 10 in the whole world but you have to do slowly grow your fan because it is not grow in the twinkling of an eye well I am trying to say make them some modernize do not be the tailor you have to be the designer. I hope you understand what I am saying. After all these it will happen that people says (your name is Shazia) this dress is designed by Shazia.        

Online tutoring

Online Tutoring Business

If you are a professional teacher you can start online tutoring business. It is basically online teaching and you can also maintain your privacy because for this you have to need only your voice. There are too many website for Online tutoring such as, etc you can get clients from those websites and you can start your online business.
If you are interested in online tutoring don’t waste your time and start teaching online.  


Ghost writing Business

If you are good in writing you can start writing for making money. There are too many ways to make money for writing such as you can publish your own e-book on Amazon Kindle it is very easy if you have skills to write a book, you can make money by writing articles for bloggers and you can also create gigs on Fiverr for writing.
Click Here For understand what is Fiverr and much more.  


Blogging Business

If you are interested in blogging you can also make a lot of money from it. Create your blog on blogger and write articles about your interest and there you can earn by affiliate marketing and you can connect your blog with Google AdSense it can place ads on your blog and you can earn from it.
If you are interested in blogging start researches about blogging on YouTube and there you can get free course of blogging.  


YouTube Business

So making money with YouTube is also a successful here you can earn 5 to 10 thousand in beginning 3 to 5 month after you getting too much subscriber or your videos are viral than you can earn easily 40 to 50 thousand in one month. I am also working on YouTube but I am new that’s why my earning is slow but when I have too much subscriber I can earn too much. There are lots of people in Pakistan working on YouTube and earn too much 60 to 70 thousand in one month easily.
If you have little bit knowledge about video editing you can start a YouTube channel. You can upload about beauty Tips, cooking Tips, etc
Click Here for YouTube as a Career Good or Not?

Tips for Start any Business

Marketing tips for successful Business

So guys select your interested business and start marketing because if you have no knowledge about marketing you can fail in every business for example you are creating your product and no one knows about your product you can definitely fail. Start Social sharing create your Facebook page and engage people there that is marketing you can also create ads on facebook and Google Adwords and it is obviously work.

So Friends I Hope today you learn about many businesses. Comment your interested business
Thanks to read my articles
Note: These ideas also for man but especially for woman in all over the world.  

What is Bitcoin? Uses of Bitcoin and Much more

what is Bitcoin

Hi guys today I am going discuss about Bitcoin.
What is Bitcoin? Lots of people have asked me about Bitcoin that’s why I am going to write on Bitcoin and in this article I am going to understand you #what is Bitcoin?  #what is Bitcoin Wallet? #what is mine Bitcoin? #Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin?
So let’s have a look   

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is virtual and digital currency and you can say it’s kind of internet money you cannot store it in your pocket or wallet because it doesn’t any physical form like a coin or a note you can use Bitcoin online only Bitcoin is a decentralized currency there is no authority, bank and government to control it. It works to P2P Network and Bitcoin user believes in it as a currency and this makes Bitcoin as a Global currency. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and since then it has become a very popular currency.

Let’s Find out Bitcoin value

At the time of writing this rticle  1B=2450.01 US Dollar. But it doesn’t mean you have to bought 1 Bitcoin because the smallest unit of Bitcoin is Satoshi and 1Bitcoin is equal to  10, 00,00,000  like 1 rupee is equal to 100 paise. It mean you can break 1 Bitcoin up to 8 decimal places you can even use 0, 0001 Bitcoin also. It is not necessary to use 1 Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Wallet?

Basically you need Bitcoin wallet to store Bitcoin. Lots of application, software and cloud-based walled are available you just need to make an account.
So let us see use of Bitcoin wallet
First of all when you create account it provides you unique Bitcoin address eg: you earn or mine any Bitcoin and you have to transfer it to your account then you need an address that will help you to receive Bitcoin. If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin you need a Bitcoin wallet and if you sold Bitcoin and earn from it and you want to transfer to your bank account you need a Bitcoin wallet.

How to get Bitcoin?

There are lots of techniques to get Bitcoin but you can easily buy Bitcoin through local currency.
 2. Accept Bitcoin for goods and services.
 3. Earn Bitcoin (From web or app).
And forth is very important mine Bitcoin.
So let’s have look what is mining.
What is mining?
Before going to mining first I will tell you that just like every country have a limitation on the numbers of notes you can print same case with Bitcoin also.
Value of Bitcoin

Maximum limit of Bitcoin is 21million – currently available 13 million approx
New Bitcoin come to market through mining.

So let’s find out what is mining.

Eg: I sent 5 Bitcoin to you this transaction is verified and those who verify the transactions are called miners and these miners have high performance computers and high performance GPUs and they verify the transaction using them. But what are they verifying? They verify whether the transaction is correct or not is there cheating or scam in the transaction or not and they get some Bitcoin as a reward for mining and this is how new Bitcoin come into the market so if you have a heavy computer with powerful GPU then you can also mine Bitcoin

Advantages of Bitcoin

  1. There are number of advantages some are following
  2. Low transaction Fee.
  3. Can use Bitcoin Globally.
  4. Account can’t be frozen.
  5. Long term investment is beneficial.
The record show that the value of Bitcoin continuously increasing since there is no government authority to control it, many people are using it for illegal purpose like drugs etc

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

  1. Uncontrolled Fluctuations
  2. Account can be hacked
So these were some information about Bitcoin 

iPhone 8 Rumors, Leaked Features and My Wishlist

Apple’s tenth Anniversary Release
iPhone 8

Hi guys in this article I will discuss about iPhone 8 which is release in coming soon, release date of iPhone 8 are not sure while rumors  is  17 September but  in my point of view iPhone’s release date are not predictable because the history about iPhone’s release date are not good.
Hottest Rumorsabout iPhone 8

iPhone 5 

September 12 (rumor) _ September 21 (release)

iPhone 6 

September 9 (rumor) _ September 19 (release)

iPhone 7

 September 7 (rumor) _ September 16 (release)
That’s why we cannot believe in rumors. We will have to wait for the company say.

iPhone 8-New Feature, Display, Price.

We know that the iPhone 8 is going to be the biggest design change ever since the original iPhone back in 2007 so when it comes to the iPhone 8 design we already know quite a lot of detail so we know there’s going to come with an almost bazel of designs or really clean futuristic and modern looking design then you also know that a home button is going away entirely so on the iPhone 7 was the first iPhone to remove basically the clickable home button completely so we’ve had a clickable home button on every single iPhone since the original iPhone up until the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7remove that and basically added a fourth touch home button so the home button on the iPhone 7 doesn’t click you only press it vibrates and gives you the impression.
We are also going to get glass on both sides and the back with the metal rim surrounded it so similar to what we had on the iPhone 4s or similar to what we have on the Samsung galaxy s7 edge.


Apple will launch 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhones with the aluminum body.


iPhone 8 expected price is $1199 to $1599. The price is pretty higher and hard to afford. So we can’t say something about price officially now. We will have to wait for the company say.

 iPhone 8 feature My Wishlist

my wishlist about iPhone 8
New Colors, I know apple tends to stick to the natural whites and blacks and grays even they did something new like gold or rose gold it’s still pretty subtle and natural looking but that red iPhone came out that was so awesome to see now I would like to see that in blue and blue is still a color that could look really elegant.
iPhone red

We all want better cameras plus having a good camera is half the reason you pick up the phone that you have. But how would they go about doing this? I think is having a better HDR mode. Something a little more aggressive, maybe what we have now and the crazy HDR modes of the pixel and the S8 but not too much because I like the natural colors and the natural look of iPhone right now.

It’s just in this camera comparison

camera comperission iPhone 7 and galaxy

While we are talking about camera another thing that can improve is the selfie lens making that into a wide angle lens kind of like every other phone that’s out right now, are very close up and problem in getting group photos. Better speakers would be nice and better battery life wireless charging as well.

iPhone 8 New Trailer

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Power Of Photoshop

Hey what‘sup guys we hope you all fine and good today I am going to discuss about power of Photoshop. Everyone knows that Photoshop is the product of Adobe, Adobe’s products are awesome and did great work. What is Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is hands down, the most popular program for creating and modifying images for the web.

Famous product of Adobe Photoshop

  • ·         Adobe Photoshop CS 1-CS 6 and CC.
  • ·         Adobe Illustrator CS 1-CS 6.
  • ·         Adobe After Effect.
  • ·         Dreamweaver.
  • ·         Animate.
  • ·         InDesign.   
  • ·         Photoshop Lightroom.
  • ·         Premiere Pro.
  • ·         Acrobat Pro DC.

Every Product have own value and create disaster in software World.

Short Detail about products


Image editing and compositing software

Adobe Illustrator

Vector Graphic and Illustration  

Adobe After Effect

Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics

Premiere Pro

Video production and editing


Basically websites and apps design, and Coding


Interactive animations for multiple platforms


Page Design, layout etc

Photoshop Lightroom            

Best processing and editing software for Photographers.

So now we discuss about Power of Adobe Photoshop 

Crash Airplane  






I think these images are normal edited

So let’s watch something like pro

Greeny Effect


Old to young


Young to old



Fat to Fit

Now Watch Power of After Effect

The Weapon Head

Dragon Summoner
The Weapon Hand Origins

Power of Premiere Pro 

Very Advance Cloning

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What is Fiverr? How to withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

What is Fiverr

Hello Guys today I am going to discuss about Fiverr. Basically Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace where creators publish their gigs (Services). For any service beginning price is $5 and so on.
So let’s have a look
Many people search in Google or any search engine for how to make money online and they go on wrong website or something like spammers. They promise with them for earning but they want registration fees which is $50 or $60 when they pay them first one or half month they see their virtual earning but when they want to withdraw this money their account is banned. They are cheaters and after cheat with them they run and create new website and they target other people Anyway,
We thought to write articles about right ways for online earning and Fiverr platform is one of them.
This website pays you for any service for example you create banner, logo, song and other skills you have. They pay you $5 per service when you complete your service $1 is cut by the Fiverr and $4 is credit to your account.

Required skills for to earn money

Many people have different kind of skills but if you don’t have any skill you have to go on YouTube and search what you wants there many courses in free of cost like cooking, video editing, Photoshop etc but first sure about your interest and then join.

How to get quick orders on Fiverr

1. Create description in which you write what is your offer, your experience, service etc. Thumbnail and title are not enough customers attract with your description so don’t forget to create an attractive description.
2. Buyer request

Must Watch this video (100% work)

How to withdraw money from Fiverr?

You can easily withdraw money by PayPal account. But if you are live in Pakistan Payoneer Master Card is best.
How to get Payoneer Master Card?
You can easily get Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan

It’s Free
---Watch bellow video---    


Earn Extra Money on Fiverr

Create unique things for example if you get an order to create logo and you done this by downloading internet logo that’s not good create by own. Now how you can earn extra money on Fiverr if you get order to create a visiting card on $5 that’s not enough prices for this, create extra services which is I will create visiting card in psd file or I will design both sides of visiting card etc and you can charge extra money for this.

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Youtube as a career Good or Not ?

youtube as a career

Hello guys today I am going to discuss Youtube as a career good or not. There are a number Youtubers making money from Youtube and they adopt this as a full time line of business because working on Youtube we can earn a lot of money. No doubt Youtube is one of the best platforms to make money online. Youtube gets over 30 million visitors per day that’s mean a lot of chance to gain people attention and make money but it is not so easy If you want to make money on Youtube you have do to work hard and create more and more  attractive videos but it is not enough,..

There are some strict polices    

Create your own videos
Use own Music or Free Copyrighted Music.

But how do you do this?

Google AdSense is best for making money on Youtube if you don’t know how to connect your Youtube channel with Google AdSense check this Post Click Here

Google AdSense is placed ads on your videos and they pay you for this.
How much Google AdSense Pay you for 1000 views on your video?
Google AdSense pays you 1 Dollar approximately on 1000 views.
This answer is only assumption because AdSense pays you according to the quality of ads and number of ads run on your videos.
Anyway If you are interested to earn money from Youtube
Must read this Article
Once you read this post you can easily create your youtube channel and connect with Google AdSense.
At the end I Hope most of the questions in your mind are clear and you can easily earn from Youtube.
Otherwise any question still in your mind feels friendly and ask your questions in bellow comment section.

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How To Increase traffic on your website 4 Tips

How To Increase website traffic

Are you a blogger who is struggling to increase Traffic on website?
So, you are reading right article
Hello Guys today I’m going to show how to increase website page views. Everyday a lot of developer comes on internet and create website for earning and for promote his content but after one or half week a number of developer quite just for low Traffic. Many bloggers fails because don’t have any plan and strategy.
 So, basically today I give you plan, strategy and some useful tips which are definitely helpful for increasing your website traffic.
If you want to increase traffic on your website without hard working and focusing on your website which is not possible means first of all plan and strategy you have to hard work and focus on your website. If you are serious with your website, increasing traffic is quite easy.
So, let’s have a look

1. Social sharing

Social sharing

Almost every people of this century using social media mean social media is one of the biggest traffic consumers. Social media is allowed you to share your images, videos, and links.
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the most famous platforms to share you content and links. You have to create profile on popular social media sites and there you share your Articles which are increasing your website traffic.

2. Start Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is most effective thing to increase your website traffic. By guest posting you creates a number of backlinks which is good for your website. Make great content for guest post, don’t write post only for getting backlinks if your post is really helpful for readers then they will definitely comes to your website.
So start guest posting.

3. Loading speed up of your website

Loading Faster

Loading speed is an important factor in google’s search algorithm. If your website speed is slow, you have to do improvement on your website for fast loading speed. When people open your website slow loading of your website leave bad impression on him. Make sure your website for readers and search engine friendly and fast loading. This is the easiest way to increase your website traffic.
Using long tail keywords
By using short tail keywords are not easy to rank high in google search engine. I suggest you use long tail keywords because it has low completion and easy to rank high in google then short tail keywords.
Make sure use long tail keywords.

4. SEO


SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part any website. Good work on SEO which really is helpful for optimization of your post in google search engine.
There Two types SEO
On Page SEO
            Off Page SEO


I hope these tips are helpful for increasing traffic on your website.If you like these article share on social media and must comment your feedback.

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